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Racial Justice in Business & Workplace


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Equity in the Boardroom: How

Asset Manager Voting Shaped Corporate Action on Racial

Justice in 2021

Majority Action, Dec. 2021

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The striking race gap in

corporate America

The Washington Post, Dec. 2021

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A Black job applicant's lawsuit is

 first to allege hair discrimination under the CROWN Act

Insider, Dec. 2021

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Racist graffiti, 'plantation' jokes &

100 potential lawsuits: Ex-workers

say Tesla is still racist

Protocol, July 2021

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Has the ‘Buy Black’ Movement

Made a Difference for Food Entrepreneurs?

Civil Eats, May 2021

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Why Did It Take So Long for

Food Companies to Rebrand

their Racist Products?

Civil Eats, May 2021

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The Black Experience

at Work in Charts

McKinsey Quarterly, April 2021

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Amazon data showed big jump

in diversity among senior leaders

— after definition of ‘executive’

was loosened

The Seattle Times, May 2021

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How two Black CEOs got

corporate America to pay

attention to voting rights

The Washington Post, May 2021

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A recruiter joined Facebook

to help it meet its diversity

targets. He says its hiring

practices hurt people of color.

The Washington Post, April 2021

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The Business

Community Must Act

Democracy Docket, April 2021

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Nike sets fresh diversity targets

for 2025, and ties executive compensation to hitting them

CNBC, March 2021

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Starbucks’s Mellody Hobson,

the Only Black Chairwoman in S&P 500, Says ‘Civil Rights 3.0’ Is Brewing

Wall Street Journal, March 2021

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Goldman Sachs Invests $10

Billion In New 'One Million

Black Women' Initiative

Essence, March 2021

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The Pandemic’s Existential Threat

to Black-Owned Businesses

ProPublica, March 2021

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Bias, disrespect, and demotions: Black employees say Amazon

has a race problem

Vox,  Feb. 2021

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TIAA is the first company in

Fortune 500 history to have two

Black CEOs in a row

Washington Post,  Feb. 2021

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Lawmakers call for

congressional interns to have

work-from-home option

Axios,  Feb. 2021

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Amazon investors push for racial equity audit, worker on board

The Seattle Times,  Dec. 2020

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New Washington business

coalition sets $2 billion goal

for racial equity initiative

The Seattle Times,  Dec. 2020

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How to achieve racial

justice in the workplace:

reconnecting with 4 basic rights

World Economic Forum, Oct. 2020

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As big corporations say ‘black

lives matter,’ their track records

raise skepticism

The Washington Post, June 2020

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Tech companies are asking their

black employee groups to fix Silicon Valley’s race problem — often for free

The Washington Post, June 2020


When Resumes Are Made ‘Whiter’

to Please Potential Employers

The Atlantic,  March 2016

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It’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Here’s why a pay gap persists. 

The 19th, August 2021

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In Literary Organizations,

Diversity Disputes Keep Coming

The New York Times, August 2021

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Most Hollywood Writers’ Rooms

Look Nothing Like America

The Atlantic, Sept. 2021

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Group Backed by Top Companies Moves to Combat A.I. Bias in Hiring

The New York Times, Dec. 2021

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Facebook knew its algorithms were biased against people of color

The Washington Post, Nov. 2021

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What does reality TV

owe Black women?

The Washington Post, Oct. 2021

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Black Tesla employees

describe a culture of racism:

‘I was at my breaking point’

Los Angeles Times, March 2022

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Here's What I've Learned

From Being The Only Black

Woman In The Conference Room

HuffPost, March 2022

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Top Estée Lauder Executive Forced Out for Racist Instagram Post

The New York Times, Feb. 2022

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Professionalism as

a Racial Construct

UCLA Law Review, March 2022



Race in the Workplace

Multipart series focused on practical 

approaches to improving and advancing 

racial equity, diversity, and inclusion in 



Time Magazine, Fall 2020


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Knowledge at Wharton

Leading Diversity: How

Firms Can Walk the Talk (37 min.)

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 5.16.06 PM.png

Knowledge at Wharton

Does Diversity Training

Really Work? (27 min.)

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 4.20.36 PM.png

Racism at Work

Professor Binna Kandola OBE, and a panel of expert guests explore the evolution of modern racism, how that manifests in the workplace

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 2.24.19 PM.png

Wharton Business Daily

Is There Still Bias in the Hiring

Process? Here's How to Create

an Unbiased Algorithm

(11 min.)

Additional Resources

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Black Economic


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Washington Employers

for Racial Equity

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Black Women in Data|


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The Board


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Corporate Racial

 Equity Alliance

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