Police and Legal System Reform

Archived Articles

Denver STAR program that replaces police with mental & behavioral health counselors is working

Denverite, Feb. 2021

An alternative to 911: Atlanta

311 line now takes non-emergency mental health, drug calls

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb. 2021

Civil Rights: 

Reimagining Policing

American Bar Association, Jan. 2021

What Public Safety

without Police Looks Like

The Appeal, Jan. 2021

UCLA wins $3.65-million grant to build ‘Age of Mass Incarceration’ archive with LAPD records

Los Angeles Times, Jan. 2021

Private Prisons Are an

Abomination Representing

All the Worst of American

Politics in the Last 40 Years

Esquire Jan. 2021

No Excuses: Biden Can Help End Racist Police Violence—From Day 1

The Nation, Jan. 2021

An old arrest can follow

you forever online. Some

newspapers want to fix that.

The Washington Post, Jan. 2021

How the San Antonio Police

Are Rethinking Mental Health

The Texas Observer, Jan. 2021

A Living Death: Life Without

Parole for Nonviolent Offenses

ACLU Report

Oregon Bill Would Enable 

People to Vote from Prison

The Appeal, Jan. 2021

What Traffic  Enforcement without

Police Could Look Like

The Appeal, Jan. 2021

The Nation’s Most Ambitious

Police Reform Launches Today

The Atlantic, Dec. 2020

Forget bad apples: Police shoot people like Jacob Blake & Breonna Taylor because of a bad system.

MSNBC, Jan. 2021

An Alternative to Police That

Police Can Get Behind

The Atlantic, Dec. 2020

New laws lead some

Washington prosecutors to

rethink three-strike life sentences

The Seattle Times, Jan. 2021

How did we end up with our

current system of public defenders?

The Nation, Dec. 2020

Change police hiring to improve policing on a systemic level

The Seattle Times, Dec.. 2020

How States Transformed

Criminal Justice in 2020,

and how they fell short

The Appeal, Dec. 2020

Seahawks Co-Produce

Documentary On New Criminal Justice Reform Program

Seahawks.com, Dec. 2020

How Cities Lost Control

of Police Discipline

The New York Times, Dec. 2020

House and Senate Democrats Propose Change to 13th Amendment, Ending Slave Labor in Prisons


Challenging police violence …

while Black

Reuters Investigates, Dec. 2020

Lawmakers, Activists Set Ambitious Agenda for Police Reform

US News & World Report, Dec. 2020

Vote on King County sheriff

presents opening for police reform

Crosscut, Nov. 2020

Police killings more likely in agencies that get military gear, data shows

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Oct. 2020

Uncovering the Hidden $372 Billion Cost of Our Criminal Justice System

TIME, Oct. 2020

San Francisco Cops Will No Longer Be Called 1st For Nonviolent Crisis


NPR, Oct. 2020

Inmates with Mental Illness are Illegally Stuck in WA Jails


Crosscut, Oct. 2020

A Black man serving a life sentence for stealing hedge clippers is granted parole after nearly 24 years in prison


Washington Post, Oct. 2020

It Is Possible to

Reform the Police


New York Times, Sept. 2020

The Breonna Taylor Case & 

Questions About Qualified Immunity


Equal Justice Initiative, Sept. 2020

Police Shootings Database


Washington Post, Sept. 2020


How to Abolish the Police


Vanity Fair, Sept. 2020

SF DA seeks to overturn

wrongful convictions through

‘Innocence Commission’

Mission Local, Sept. 2020

Police Unions: How Law

Enforcement Closes Ranks


Vanity Fair, Sept. 2020

The Shooting of Jacob Blake

is a Wake-Up Call


The Atlantic, Sept. 2020

 America’s Policing System is Broken

TIME Magazine, August 2020

Majority of Public Favors Giving Civilians the Power to Sue Police Officers for Misconduct

Pew Research, July 2020

Huntsville Alabama Police

Mental Health Call


Washington Post, July 2020

Police harassment of my youth and executive career haunts me still


Seattle Times. June 2020

When cities go bankrupt,

it’s Black lives at risk

Fortune, June. 2020

How Police Unions Enable and Conceal Abuses of Power


New Yorker, June 2020

Phillip Atiba Goff on reducing

racial discrimination in policing

The Economist, June 2020

How to reform American

police, according to experts


Vox, June 2020

Community leaders, activists, law enforcement, and others offer 14

ways to confront racist policing.


The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2020

The Fury in US Cities is Rooted in

a Long History of Racist Policing

The Conversation, June 2020

In 1919, the State Failed to Protect Black Americans. It's Still Failing


The Guardian, May 2020

Violence in Minneapolis is Rooted

in the History of Racist Policing

Washington Post, May 2020

How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time


Prison Policy Initiative, 2016