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Ossoff for Senate

Official website for the Ossoff

campaign. Donate and sign up to phone bank.

Warnock for Senate

Official website for the Warnock

campaign. Donate and sign up to text and phone bank.

Sign up for a Texting Shift.

BVM is dedicated to building power across the south! We need your help to do so!

Black Voters Matter

The Civics Center

Help young voters by sending hand-written postcards to recent high school graduates.

Postcards will be printed

and sent to you.

You provide postage.

Fair Fight

Sign up to volunteer for the

Georgia Senate runoffs. It looks like there will be texting and phone calling opportunites for people out of state.

Common Power

Doing everything we can for the January 5th run-off election in Georgia. Calling, texting, and postcarding for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Flip the West

Postcard campaign in support of the two Democratic challengers for U.S. Senate in the

Georgia runoff.

You provide postcards

and postage.

Georgia Postcard


Sign up to write postcards

for the Senate runoffs.

You provide postcards 

and postage.

Lift Every Vote

Send postcards to unregistered African American, Asian American, and Latino voters,

in collaboration with New Georgia Project!

Purchase postcards from link provided. Postcards must be mailed by Nov. 24.


Democrats HQ

Write postcards from home. Once you fill out this form, you will get the script along with a list of addresses within 24 to 48 hours.

You’ll also need to purchase postcards and postage.


Multiple opportunites to phone bank, write letters and get engaged with various campaigns with Mobilize.

New Georgia


Sign-up to phone bank.

Postcards to

Swing States

Progam should be up and running by Nov. 16.

Reclaim Our Vote

Postcarding, phonebanking, and texting for the Georgia Senate runoff election January 5. Early voting starts in Georgia December 14.

Must purchase Reclaim's postcards, and purchase

postage and stickers.

Swing Left

Call voters to help increase turnout in Georgia's January runoff elections

Southern Poverty

Law Center

Call Georgia voters about applying for an absentee ballot

6 - 7 p.m. Eastern Time*

*Note: The Virtual Phone Bank will be open from 3 - 8 p.m. Eastern in order to accomodate all schedules.

Resistance Labs

Sign up to text or

phone bank.

Vote Forward

Help write nearly 3 million letters to encourage Georgians to register to vote, request and return their absentee ballots, and turn out to vote for the January 5th runoff elections.

Write three different types of letters. You send your letters as soon as you write them — a rolling mail date. 

You download, print & personalize letters, and provide your own envelopes and postage.

Working America

Send personalized letters or postcards to targeted working class people in Georgia

Letters are printed and had addressed. You print, provide envelopes and stamps.

Postcards are handwritten. You provide postcards (no election images) and stamps.

Working Families Party

Text for Raphael Warnock

every Tues. 3-6 PST.

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